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Find reference guides including calling codes, country guides, plugs and adapter information plus holiday and public observances, trivia quizzes and world lists.

Calling & Area Codes

Each country has an international calling code that is used as a prefix when dialling an international phone number. Below are various websites featuring calling code lists for countries plus area code lists for the United States.


Country Reference Guides provide basic information about a country including its flag, area, population, major languages, major religions, currency, capital and major cities and its political profile.

World Flags

Each country has its own state flag which is used ceremonially and as part of a nations society and culture. It is also used to represent a country internationally and usually features some kind of unique symbolism as a means of identification.

Public Holidays & Observances

There are many different national, cultural and religious holidays and observances all over the world. The following is a list of guides and directories that provide information on holidays and observances for each country.


Maps are used primarily as a means of navigation. There are many kinds of maps including road and topographical maps. Maps may also be used for speciialst activities, as way of finding attractions and as a way to measure distances.

Plugs & Adapters

There are many different types of plugs and adapters used throughout the world. The following is a list of websites for selected countries sellig plugs and adapters for travel use.

Power Voltage

There are many types of power voltage used across the world. The following is a list of websites advising the type of power voltage and sockets used in all countries worldwide.

Travel Terminology

Learn important industry terminology as used by the travel and tourism industry in relation to airline and travel bookings and operations.

Travel Trivia

Have you traveled the world? Think you're a travel expert? Why not test your knowledge with these travel quizzes from various trivia and blogger websites.

World Lists

Find lists of world geographic features including mountains, caves, rivers and islands plus discover national parks, travel destinations, tourism attractions, adventure experiences and more.

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