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Worldaira (pronounced world-air-a) is a travel portal dedicated to making sure your travel experience is a smooth and enjoyable one. We have a wide range of travel and tourism web links and information to help get you on your way.


Worldaira aggregates the best and most useful travel websites from around the world and presents them in a clean, easy to read format. At the same time Worldaira has a travel community and travel topic weblog for an even more engaging experience.

Whether you travel for business, education, leisure or simply for wanting to catch up with friends and family, Worldaira is the perfect travel and tourism companion to ensure you get the right information every time.

Worldaira features a comprehensive list of commercial passenger airline, airport and accommodation booking websites plus travel & tourism destination websites from all around the world including official sites.

Worldaira also provides important IATA Code information to make sure you board the right flight and arrive at your right destination!

In addition, Worldaira also offers real time flight arrival and departure information for select locations and competitive airfare and accommodation information so you always get the best deals.

Travelling can be fun and enjoyable. It can also be frustrating and stressful. There’s so much to think about … where to go, what to visit, do I need a visa, what am I allowed to carry on board, what can I bring back … it can be a real challenge just crossing a border.

The key for any travel adventure is knowledge and where to find it. Worldaira is a one stop shop of important travel and tourism information to assist you with all your planning needs.

Worldaira has been developed by a team with over 25 years of experience in the Airline and Travel industries. We know travel and we want to share all of our knowledge and expertise with you.

So make the first stop on your journey right here at Worldaira!


Safe Travelling!


The Worldaira Team

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