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Worldaira provides links to all kinds of travel and tourism websites. Find out how to add your website or how to tell us if you have found a website in our database that is no longer working or has become obsolete.

Website Link Inclusion in Worldaira


Worldaira is constantly adding and refining its travel and toursim site links databases.


If you have a travel, tourism or related website that you want to have included in Worldaira please complete our site listing enquiry form below and request a review.


For a varierty of reasons we cannot guarantee that every request submitted will be approved but we do promise to give all requests received due consideration.

Site Links not Working


Worldaira makes every endeavour to ensure its site listing content is relevant and up to date.


It is inevitable from time to time that some of the links appearing on Worldaira may stop working or become obsolete for a variety of reasons.

If you have found a site that appears not to be working or is no longer relevant or has been flagged as a security risk, please advise us through our site listing enquiry form below.

If a website is found not to be working or is no longer relevant or a high security risk, it will removed from our database.

Website Link Enquiry Form

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