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Find links to visa, passport and consular information for the United States and other selected countries plus travel advisories, embassy locations and traveler fast track programs.

Embassies & Missions

Countries have embassies, consulates and other representation to provide diplomatic relations and consular assistance to citizens and visitors. Below is a list of embassies from selected countries.

USA Embassies

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Foreign Embassies in USA

Embassies of Selected Countries

Embassies In Selected Countries

Passport & Visa

Passports are essential for most international travel and visas or visa waivers are required in some cases for citizens of specific countries. Find information below on passports, visas and visa waiver for selected countries.

Passport Information

Visa Information

Travel Information - U.S.A

Visa Requirements

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Visitor Information

Travel Advisory

U.S.Traveler Programs

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