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Are you a travel, tourism or related retail business looking to promote your company, product or service?


Let Worldaira help you.

Worldaira offers page sponsorship on over 700 airline and 4000 airport profile pages.

You can easily target your customers by location, product or competitor. 


Worldaira avoids using annoying pop ups and other forms of intrusive advertising that generally turn off visitors. Instead, Worldaira seamlessy integrates your brand into its Airline and Airport profile pages.


And no need for corny or frivilous copy. All you need to provide is your brand logo.

Setup is easy. Simply send us your brand logo or alternatively we can capture and prepare it for it for display at no additional cost. 

Your page sponsorship is seen by every visitor to the page 24 / 7 giving you great exposure at low cost.


You can choose various monthly or annual display periods that best suit your brand needs and budget.


See an example of our page sponsorship grid below. When you are ready, complete our online form below.


Once received we will review and confirm your application and then send you details on payment and submission of your brand logo.

So take the next step in your journey and contact us today.

Page Sponsorship Example
Click on the image below to see an airline page with an example of page sponsorship

Sample 1.JPG

Page Sponsorship Form

Please complete the form below and we will review your order and send you details on making payment and uploading your brand logo.
For bulk page sponsorship enquiries click here.

Company Details

Enter the name of your company and your contact details

Sponsorship Order Request

Enter the name of the airline or airport page that you wish to sponsor


e.g. American Airlines for Airline or Boston Logan for Airport

Enter the IATA airline or airport code of the page that you wish to sponsor


e.g. AA for American Airlines or BOS for Boston Logan.

If no IATA Code exists then enter N/A.

Click here to find an IATA airline or IATA airport code.

Enter the date you wish to commence your sponsorship from. We will confirm slot availability or advise an alternative date

Enter the link you wish to use for your page sponsorship. We will review your link to ensure relevance and suitability

Select Page Sponsorship Display Option

* Note: Country or Local Taxes will be applied to invoice where applicable

Thanks for submitting! Once your order is reviewed and confirmed you will be sent details on how to make payment of your order and on submission of your logo.

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